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    1st song of Lie Movie Hey Miss Sunshine Song Foot tapping and Slow Romantic Song with Nithiin New Look and Megha Akash

    1st song of Lie Movie Hey Miss Sunshine Song Foot tapping and Slow Romantic Song with Nithiin New Look and Megha Akash:

    Nithiin upcoming movie after getting the huge response for the Lie movie nithiin starer with his new look and beard in completely different and trendy look received a lot of appreciation and having a huge following in tollywood industry nithiin received tremendous response for his new look and the first trailer of Nithiin movie Lie with Arjun playing a villain role and vital role in the movie.

    Recently Makers came up with the release of first song from the LIE movie which is romantic track from lie movie song titled as Hey miss sunshine with the new look and complete trendy with slow music and foot tapping beats in hey miss sunshine song and picturizaton of this song is outstanding.

    Nithin in sunshine song
    Nithin in sunshine song

    Nithiin and Megha Akash in Hey Miss Sunshine song Lie Movie:

    Nithiin in lie movie is having a trendy look with beard and his physic with catchy looks in hey miss sunshine song and which is a humming song of total of 1 min video song. Nithiin is looking too energetic in this song and this hey miss sunshine has a trendy look as well in the song as the two stars nithiin and Megha Akash are seen at the start of the song with a tool box and wearing a costume of fixing things which are corrupted with tool box in hands and seen in a train track with their costumes at the start this tells some thing about the story as in the first teaser nithin is also seen many times in the train track and few of the scenes are taken in train track backdrop is very interesting to see.

    Megha Akash in Hey miss sunshine song from lie movie
    Megha Akash in Hey miss sunshine song from lie movie

    Hey miss sunshine song has a beats and trendy looks and with huge background picturization with horses and scrapped or repaired vehicles with a new and fresh look giving to audience with a new look nithiin with beard and wearing glasses with new hairstyle is very likely to be seen.

    As the song starts nithin is seen in a romantic song saying hey miss sunshine to the lady of his love and there is no lip sync given by nithiin its very hard to find as you involve in song and its an addictive love song as well, in hey miss sunshine song only the gestures are given by the lead actors in this hey miss sunshine song which is very impressive to watch in sunshine song from lie movie with the catchy lyrics and gorgeous Megha Akash. Chemistry between nithiin and megha is too good to watch in miss sunshine song and the pair of nithiin and megha in lie movie is looking tremendous and looking marvelous as they both come up on screen together in lie movie song hey miss sunshine song and they both are enjoying the sunshine song with their love in song.

    Lyrics are too catchy in hey miss sunshine song and it’s a complete refreshing song for sure and the beats and background music in hey miss sunshine song is so soft to listen and its sure going to top chart busters definitely is likely to be seen with beautiful and soft music was composed by Mani Sharma and the cinematography by yuvraj and the catchy lyrics by Krishna Kanth with the direction of Hanu Raghavapudi.

    Lie movie is all scheduled to be release on 11 August 2017.

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